January 31, 2020

Another successful Heritage Fair in Davidson

The Davidson Heritage Fair on January 28 was a great learning experience for everyone! For the last five years, Grade Eight Social Studies students at Davidson School have had the opportunity to host a Heritage Fair and the 2020 edition was another success.

Heritage Fairs encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Students working on their own, or with a partner, select a historical topic that interests them and they develop an exhibit to showcase the topic. The exhibits are displayed at the Heritage Fair where other students and community members visit the displays and ask the students questions about their topic. Student participate in local Heritage Fairs where some exhibits will be selected to attend Regional Fairs and some from the Regional Fairs go onto the Provincial Heritage Fair .

This year there were 14 exhibits at the Davidson Heritage Fair with topics including: General Arthur Currie, the Underground Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Seven Years’ War, Little Chicago (Moose Jaw), the 1972 Summit Series, Canadian Currency, the Halifax Explosion, Euthanasia and Robert Latimer, the History of the Snowmobile, Louis Riel, the Klondike Gold Rush, Terry Fox and the Evolution of Farming. Each student became an expert on their topic was able to answer questions and explain the significance of the topic.

Six individuals, three from the community and three from the Sun West School Division, were judges at this Heritage Fair and the marks they provided each exhibit are the basis for determining which ones go onto the Regional Heritage Fair.

Heritage Fairs are valuable learning experiences and an opportunity for students to compete academically with other students across the province.

More pictures from the Davidson Heritage Fair can be viewed on the Sun West Facebook page.

The Davidson Heritage Fair was a great learning experience for everyone!