February 6, 2020

Westberry videos highlight family engagement

A series of six videos produced by Westberry Elementary School share the perspectives of students, parents, teachers and educational assistants on the importance of family engagement in education.

Westberry Elementary School in Kindersley has been releasing a series of six videos on its Facebook page that focus on the importance of family engagement in education.

The videos include two featuring interviews with students, one featuring parents and three featuring teachers and educational assistants.

In the student videos, the young people share the activities they enjoy with their families that demonstrate that play experiences help them develop the ability to cooperate, problem solve and self-regulate.

Parents discuss how they support learning at home and how they help their children develop livelong skills that support learning at school.

The teachers and educational assistant share what family engagement means from a school perspective and the value of teamwork and communications. They also describe simple strategies that promote communications between students, parents and school teams.

Westberry has also been sharing pictures and testimonials from some of its families that describe how children can learn at home.

The videos were made possible through funding provided by the Westberry School Community Council (SCC) and the school is very grateful for this support. The videos were produced by Paul Palynchuk from Infinite Eight Multimedia. Everyone enjoyed working with Mr. Palynchuk and he did an incredible job!

You can view all the videos and pictures on the Westberry Facebook page. The videos are also going to be shared on the Sun West Facebook page during the week of February 9-15.

Producing these videos was part of the goals of Westberry’s Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) to improve parent and community engagement. View the video below to learn more about ESSP. They also align with Sun West’s Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) philosophy through the concepts of relationship and recognition. The videos contributed to building relationships with families to support Westberry student and celebrated the positive learning culture in the Westberry school and community.