August 18, 2020

Message from the Director - August 18

Dear Sun West School Division Students and Parents,

Premier Scott Moe’s announcement on Saturday about the September 8th start date for students, the significant change in testing in the education sector and the commitment of additional emergency funds was welcome news. The extra time, testing and resources are appreciated. But that was not all. Each school is to submit their local student return plans by August 26th.

Our Sun West template for all schools will follow the eight sections of the Ministry’s Safe School Plan:

All action items in the school plans will be aligned with our School Division Re-Entry Plan.

We need your voice.

School admin are aware of their buildings, and teachers caretakers and secretaries know their rooms. The experiences and perspectives of students and caregivers are important for any plan to be successful. If you have ideas you want considered about any portion of the plan, please add them to the survey monkey survey. (Parent and Community Survey)

(If you have nothing to add put NA in the answer box other wise it might not let you save your thoughts.)

Parents, please share this email with your young scholars so they may also have a voice

The info you provide will be shared with your school admin.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or need clarification, email or call.

Please keep in mind the most important decision that will need to be made to ensure confidence in the safety of our students, staff and community is always the next one.

Yours sincerely,

Randy Emmerson
Director of Education
Sun West School Division
306 882 2677

Click here for a PDF version of this letter.