October 16, 2020

Who are you going to call . . . COVID Busters!

Part of Sun West’s preparations for students and staff returning to school was to purchase Victory Electrostatic Sprayers for use by custodial staff in all Sun West schools. These sprayers are extremely effective in disinfecting surfaces and are particularly effective against COVID-19. The sprayers provide a more consistent application over various surfaces with the disinfectants remaining active between 8-10 minutes after spraying.

The custodial staff at Biggar Central School 2000 (BCS2000) noted how much the sprayers resembled the Ectoplasmic Positron Colliders used in the popular 1984 movie Ghostbusters. This made their daily cleaning rituals more fun as they realized that they were now COVID Busters keeping the students and staff of BCS2000 safe from COVID-19 just like the Ghostbusters kept New York City safe from ghosts!

To recognize their heroic stature, Sara Colbert of Biggar designed a special t-shirt for the team. Sun West Subdivision 3 Board of Education member Karen Itterman purchased the shirts for the crew, which they now wear proudly in carrying out their duties.

Thanks COVID Busters and all Sun West custodial staff for everything you do to keep us safe!

In the pictures above - on the right: the COVID-Busters t-shirt design created by Sara Colbert of Biggar; and on the left: BCS 2000 custodial staff (left to right) Daisy Ramos, Brian Ives, Ray Itterman and Pat Voll (Brian and Ray are holding Victory Electrostatic Sprayers)