October 19, 2020

Loreburn students skype with international scientists

Students at Loreburn Central School had the opportunity recently to speak with two renowned international scientists via Skype. They were able to learn about their work as well as gain a greater understanding about the life of a scientist. The two scientists each spoke to a different class and each class prepared the short articles below about their experiences.

By the Grade Nine students

The Grade Nine science class was able to chat with Adelyne Chan. She is a scientist originally from Malaysia but currently working in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

She is working on cancer research. She was able to talk to us about what a day in the life of a scientist would be like, as well as her current research. She is working to remove mitochondria from cancerous cells in a process called senescence. Cellular senescence refers to damaged cells, which can then go on to cause cancer or contribute to features commonly associated with ageing.

By the Physical Science 20 students

The Physical Science class, chatted with Sylvia Soldatou. She is originally from Greece but is currently working at a University in Scotland. She studies the therapeutic uses of herbs and medicinal plants. She talked to us about how she is trying to replicate components of medicinal herbs and plants, to create synthetic antibiotics to help cure cancer. She also talked to us about the postsecondary education system in Europe.

Pictures above: On the right Grade Nine students skyping with Adelyne Chan and on the left Physical Science 20 students skyping with Sylvia Soldatou.