September 17, 2021

Lots of excitement across Sun West on the first day of school

Students and staff were back in schools in full force on September 1 and if the broad smiles were any indication most were very happy to be there!

Pictures in videos from Kindersley Composite School (KCS) and Eaton School in Eatonia capture much of the excitement and energy that was electrifying their schools. Check out their videos below.


Eaton School

Grades 5 and 6 students in Kenaston returned to participate in an amazing first day project. They were each given part of a puzzle that needed to be completed without knowing what the final product looked like. First they had to create their own section of the puzzle and then work as a team with their classmates to create the final product. It was a great example of the Sun West Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) philosophy in action and was a great way to start the year. Watch their video below and see what they achieved by learning together!


The staff at Elrose Composite School couldn’t wait until the students got back and on their first day back held their annual bump basketball game! It was tons of fun as you can see in their group picture.

It wasn’t just students at Sun West’s brick and motor schools that had their first day on September 1. Many Sun West Distance Learning Centre (DLC) students started their school year out on that day as well including Ramona and her sister. You can see them here in their own cubby where they have a kindness jar and lots of cool posters and books.

Grade 4 students at Eston Composite School also got a great start this school year with some special handouts and they had to get measured to answer some of the questions. They were able to work together and work in ways that they were comfortable in keeping with the Sun West PeBL philosophy.

Sun West schools are off to another great start! We will be hearing more about their successes in the days and weeks to come!