Online Learning is One Way to Augment Your Home-Based Education

While you may recognize the value of a home-based education, you may not know how to develop the necessary lesson plans, identify appropriate course materials or where to find the tools or support to get you started. One option is right here, under your nose: Sun West Distance Learning Centre. Sun West DLC is a Saskatchewan-based, Ministry- approved online school offering a full suite of web-based courses from Kindergarten through Grade 12. Our course directory lists over 120 courses including all core classes and a variety of unique, interest-based high school electives such as Paleontology, Field Crop Production, Forensic Science, Astronomy and Equine.

To be fully involved in the day-to-day social, cognitive and physical development of their child is the dream of many parents. For those willing and able to dedicate the time and energy, home-schooling is a viable and potentially ideal alternative to a traditional, bricks and mortar school.

Home schooling, or home-based learning, can look very different from one home to another. In response to the preferred degree of structure, level of parental-involvement and independence and learning style of the child, parents can personalize the learning environment for each child. There is no right or wrong way and there are many resources to support both the parent and the learner on this path.

Sun West School Division respects each family’s right to choice and encourages them to fully explore home-based education if it seems like a fit for them. As per provincial legislation, there are expectations of the home school parent and the School Division of residence when it comes to student registration and the provision of evidence of learning. Refer to the Ministry of Education’s Home School Manual for details.

In addition, Sun West has also answered a list of FAQ’s posed by families interested in home-based learning.

If your child has a permanent address in Saskatchewan and is between the ages of 5 and 22, these courses and all of the professional support they need is available FREE OF CHARGE at the DLC. Visit the DLC website to learn more about our courses, our educators, and how we can support your home-schooling efforts.

For additional information on home schooling in Saskatchewan, visit the Saskatchewan Home-Based Educators (SHBE) website.