Independent Education Program

What is IndEP?

The Independent Education Program is designed to meet the needs of students who have not achieved success in the regular school format. The IndEP consists of regular courses which accommodate the needs of students through an individualized program. Graduating students will be able to achieve a grade 12 standing through a Regular 24 credit or Adult 12 program.

How are classes offered at IndEP?

Classes are offered through on-line courses, distance learning, high school integration, and Great Plains College.

Expectations at IndEP

The IndEP learning environment is to be one of mutual respect where all can succeed in a safe learning environment. Students attending IndEP are expected to follow the guidelines outlined by the Code of Conduct at their specific school. Students are expected to attend school regularly, arrive on time, report to the teacher if absent, do their best and display a positive attitude toward work and others.

How can I apply?

Applications are available from the school administrator or the IndEP teacher. Your application will be received by a committee and an interview will be held with you and the IndEP teacher to determine your needs.

If you are accepted, your individual program will be developed and you will begin your journey toward completing your grade 12 education.


Student Support Services Supervisor: Carole Butcher

Mr. James Walker, Vice-Principal
Biggar Central School 2000
Mr. Stephen Hadden, Teacher

Mr. Blain Hilbig, Principal
Kindersley Composite School
Ms. Erin Pincemin, Teacher

Mr. Gary Paproski, Vice Principal
Rosetown Central High School
Ms. Jan Coffey-Olson, Teacher

Mr. Kim Sobkowicz, Vice Principal
Outlook High School
Mr. Trevor Drury, Teacher