Remembrance Day

The video above is a recording of the live-stream, division-wide Remembrance Day Ceremony that Sun West held on November 10.

Click here to view the program for the ceremony.

Remembrance Day in Canada is observed on November 11. As schools are not open on November 11, each year, schools take the time to honour and recognize this day prior to Remembrance Day. As schools cannot hold the ceremonies at this time due to COVID-19, Sun West schools and communities joined together to remember those who made sacrifices on behalf of a better future through participation in an online ceremony held Tuesday, November 10. The ceremony was 24 minutes in duration and involved students from Davidson School, Loreburn Central School, Lucky Lake School and Rosetown Central High School.

Remembrance Day is held in honour of the 620,000 Canadians who served in World War I of which 67,000 were killed and 173,000 were wounded; the 1.1 million Canadians who served in World War II of which 42,000 were killed and 55,000 wounded; the 25,000 Canadians who served in the Korea Conflict of which 516 were killed; the 40,000 Canadians who served in the War in Afghanistan of which 159 were killed and 635 were wounded as well as the hundreds of Canadians who served in Peace Keeping Missions around the world and the Canadians who are serving us today in the Canadian Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard.

When honouring those who served and sacrificed we also remember Indigenous veterans who although many had the Treaty right not to be part of Canada’s wars still chose to fight to protect democracy even though they were too often denied the benefits of freedom.

Hundreds of women and men from our communities in Sun West were among those who served as evidenced by the monuments in all our communities to their bravery and sacrifice.