Student Leadership Program

Putting Student Choice and Voice into action!

Encouraging and facilitating student leadership is a priority area for the Sun West School Division and goes hand-in-hand with our Personalized electronically Blended Learning (PeBL) philosophy. Initiated by the Sun West Board of Education in 2007, the Sun West Student Leadership Program has grown to include four components and students in the program have also represented Sun West at provincial and national events.

At the beginning of each school year, all grade seven to twelve students in the division are given the opportunity to attend a leadership seminar in Rosetown where they are introduced to key concepts of leadership and the leadership training options available to them through the Sun West Leadership Program. Seminar participants are invited to apply to become part of one of the four components of the Leadership Program. These are Team Sun West, the Youth Consultation Group, Student Tutors and the Career Fair Planning Group. The students are selected for these groups by the Student Leadership Program Adult Advisors and will meet as a whole and in individual groups approximately once a month for most of the school year in order to plan and carry out their responsibilities. Their meetings are held in conjunction with the monthly school-based administrators meetings and the students travel to their meetings with their school principals and vice-principals.

Due to closure of Saskatchewan schools on March 20, 2020, because of the COVID 19 pandemic, the 2020 Sun West Student Leadership Conference and the 2020 Sun West Career Fair are not taking place.

Below you can learn about the opportunities available in each group.

Team Sun West

Team Sun West is the dynamic force that plans and executes the annual Sun West Student Leadership Conference. Their responsibilities include everything from booking speakers and making decisions about conference meals to leading motivational activities and selecting a theme. They provide an example on how to make things happen!

Youth Consultation Group

The Youth Consultation Group brings the voice of all Sun West students to the Sun West Board of Education. The Group is responsible for creating surveys and other tools to find out what Sun West students think about the issues that impact them directly and then develop recommendations to the Board on how to implement positive change in the division.

Career Fair

Every two years, Sun West stages a massive Career Fair for all its grades ten and eleven students. This Career Fair provides students with information to help their plan their further education and long-term careers and includes businesses and other employers from all over Western Canada. The Career Fair Planning Group helps plan this amazing event and contributes ideas and energy to make it a roaring success!

Student Tutors

Student Tutors collaborate with a similar group of students from Bullis School in Maryland USA to produce educational videos on a diverse number of topics. Student Tutors select and research topics for their own videos and then produce the videos that are critiqued by their Bullis School colleagues. They provide similar critiques for videos produced by the Bullis students. Videos produced by this project have been viewed thousands of times!