Division Office Staff

Sun West School Division Office staff members on February 6, 2023.

(Back l-r) Mike Fedyk (Communications), Kim Fick (Superintendent), Novalee Heatherington (Business), Kelli Boklaschuk (Superintendent), Jamie Cowell (Business), Andrea Dows (Administrative Assistant), Michelle Leith (Manager-Human Resources), Ryan Smith (Superintendent), Kristin Murdoch (Administrative Assistant), Dave Adnam (Supervisor-Facilities), Jill Long (Assistant Superintendent), Meaghan Friedrick (Supervisor-Student Support Services), Alison Bokitch (Supervisor-Mental Health), Linda Klassen (Executive Assistant), Vanessa Lewis (Consultant).

(Front l-r) Mary-Ann Matro (Human Resources), Renee Jeancart (Supervisor-Transportation), Sondra Potratz (Administrative Assistant), Vicki Moore (Director of Education), Blain Hilbig (Superintendent), Trish Gray (Human Resources), Sheri Gallaugher (Administrative Assistant) and Rhonda Saathoff (Manager-Business).

Missing: Donna Adair (Human Resources)