May 4, 2021

​Davidson student makes an innovative choice

Farrah Low, a Grade 9 student at Davidson School, recently provided an excellent example of Sun West’s Personalized electronic Blended Learning (PeBL) philosophy in action.

As part of Grade 9 Social Studies students are assigned to play the mobile phone game Forge of Empires. The game teaches students how power is managed in societies and supports many of the outcomes the students learned about in a previous unit. After about two months of using the game, students submit an assessment (final project) to demonstrate what they have learned from the game as it relates to the learning objectives of the unit. The students have a choice in how they will submit this assessment and Farrah chose a very innovative approach.

Farrah created a newspaper called the Empire Times, modeled after the New York Times and in the paper wrote articles about the game that explained how the game worked and what students learned from it. Sun West Director of Education Randy Emmerson commented on the project stating. “Using games like Forge of Empires is an excellent way to engage students in learning and Farrah’s newspaper shows how creative students are when given voice and choice in their classes. Farrah’s articles were outstanding and showed a lot of insight as she demonstrated she had learned a great deal from the game.”

Click here to read Farrah’s newspaper.