November 19, 2021

​OES students support agricultural charity

On Friday, November 5, the Outlook Elementary School (OES) Student Leadership Team presented a cheque for $200 to Arlette Tilk with the River Plains Growing Project. Above is a picture of the students presenting the cheque to Ms. Tilk.

Money for the donation was raised by the Student Leadership Team through their Farm Animal/Farm Character Dress-Up Day in October where students could dress-up and donate a quarter. All the funds that were collected were put towards the donation to River Plains Growing Project.

The River Plains Growing Project has been operating since 2008. Volunteers with the Project raise a crop on 160 acres near Outlook and donate the proceeds to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This organization works in partnership with other agencies to meet immediate food needs, reduce malnutrition and strive for sustainable food security in 34 countries around the world. This year the River Plains Growing Project grew canola. It is particularly exciting that the Canadian government quadruple matches donations, which means OES’s $200 donation will turn into an $800 donation!

The students were very pleased and proud to be able to contribute to such a worthy project!