November 23, 2021

​Sun West introducing a new level of fun into recess

Sun West recently became part of Recess Guardians, which is a Canada-wide, free program that builds leadership abilities and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Recess Guardians help teach youth positive building blocks for their future in a fun, safe and educational environment.

One of the most recent classes to be introduced to Recess Guardians was Ms. Heath's 5-6 class at Lucky Lake School. They hosted the Recess Guardians program to learn some exciting new games and skills. The Recess Guardians program, sponsored by Blue Cross, teaches students to lead their peers in games and activities, which in turn builds their confidence and leadership skills. The students along with Mrs. Heath had a blast playing Cowboy, Ninja and Bear - a new twist on rock/paper/scissors, in addition to other activities that the Grade 5-6 students can enjoy and teach to other grades at their school.

Above: Grades 5-6 students in Lucky Lake being introduced to the new Recess Guardian games.