January 10, 2022

Award-winning book inspires creativity from Rossville students

Makaika’s Costume is the 2021 winner of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre TD Grade One Book Giveaway and was a source of inspiration for some students at Rossville School. Written by Nadia Hohn and illustrated by Irene Luxbacher, Malaika’s Costume follows young Malakia as she gets ready to celebrate carnival in her hometown in the Caribbean, while her mother sets up their new life in Canada.

The pictures above include the cover of Malaika’s Costume (left), a book that inspired Rossville students to create the amazing costumes in the centre and to the right.

Over 550,000 students across Canada were provided with copies of Makaika’s Costume by TD including students in the K-3 class at Rossville School. These students were so inspired by the bright colours and rich language of the book that they created their own version of the costumes from the book.

Great work Rossville students!