January 13, 2022

Learning from Home Hub

Many students are finding themselves returning to learning at home and the Sun West Resource Bank is ready to help! The Resource Bank is the first stop for students looking for help as they make the transition from school-based to home-based learning.

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The Learning at Home Hub. This hub has been designed to support students wishing to extend their learning at home. Please keep in mind that this is a small selection of what is available in The Resource Bank, but these are "the best of the best" resources. Please feel free to browse other hubs, and do keyword searches to find more useful resources for learning at home.

Student Central Hub
The Student Central Hub is a brand-new hub that has been created specifically for learners in Grades 4-12 to explore, learn and develop 21st Century Competencies. There are a wealth of resources for learning available to you and your child on this hub as well.

Other Hubs
See all hubs HERE.

These hubs may also be useful:

Resource Bank Training
A Parent Handout is also available to help you learn more about The Resource Bank. If you want to learn more about using all of the features, you are invited to visit our Free Training Site . (Start at "Learn the Basics" in the top right corner, and progress to “Going Further” if desired.)