May 10, 2022

​Book project leads to conservation effort

Biggar Central School 2000 recently partnered with its School Community Council (SCC) in the One School One Book (OSOB) project.

The SCC gifted each family a copy of The One and Only Ivan, a book about a sliverback gorilla living in captivity. The school provided a suggested reading calendar for each week as well as weekly challenges that if families completed they would be entered in to draws for prizes. The project started after the February break and finished up before the Easter break.

A movie night featuring Tarzan concluded the project. The Grade 9 leadership team created a bulletin board to promote the event and assisted with snacks and clean-up. About 40 people attended the movie night and there were many others reading along at home throughout the project. BCS2000 Librarian Lisa Egert provided a live stream of gorillas in the BCS2000 commons daily for all ages to enjoy and the money raised from treats sold at the movie night are being used to "adopt" a gorilla to help out with conservation efforts for gorilla habitats.

A vote was held among the students on a number of adoption options and the students selected a silverback named Imfura and infant named Umukuru.

Angela Sparks, BCS2000 Vice-Principal stated: “I enjoyed seeing the selfies that were submitted of families enjoying the book together, and I'm proud of the difference that BCS2000 students have made in gorilla conservation through this project.”

Pictured at the top(left to right) BCS2000 student with posters indicating options for gorilla adoption, another student with Movie Night snacks,another student holding a copy of The One and Only Ivan and (below) the Grade 9 Leadership Team.