May 19, 2022

​Davidson School Librarian recipient of prestigious provincial award

Victoria Martin, the School Librarian at Davidson School was recognized on May 11 for her outstanding efforts and dedication to literacy and foundational skills in Saskatchewan as one of the two recipients of the 2022 Saskatchewan Professional Leadership in Literacy Awards presented by the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.

The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is a provincial association that includes both individual literacy practitioners as well as regional colleges, libraries, schools, community groups, government departments, health regions and businesses. Its projects and activities include Family, Workplace and Community Literacy Projects. Click here for more information on the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.

Every year the Saskatchewan Literacy Network holds the Literacy Awards of Merit to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to advancing literacy in the province. Ms. Martin was nominated by Arlene Low, the Town of Davidson’s Deputy Mayor who is also a Vice-Principal at the Sun West Distance Learning Centre and her nomination was supported by several community members who wanted her hard work at the school and within the Davidson community recognized, as the Davidson Leader indicated: “she [Ms. Martin] also has a proven record of taking that passion and turning it into valuable community service.”

According to the Davidson Leader: “There is a focus by Victoria to help build connections between school, playschool and public library. She aims to work with all ages. Making people feel good when they come into the library space, engage in programming, or share their excitements about books is one of Victoria’s motivations. This commitment to connection and relationship building is what impressed the Award Selection Committee at the Saskatchewan Literacy Network.”

For her part, Ms. Martin accepted the award with humility. “I am still a bit shocked that I was a recipient, let alone even nominated!” She stated.

“If you love what you do at work and always move forward on what you feel is the right path with those around you, good things will happen!” She explained. “Never stop learning and growing in your environment. Always, always, think of how you can make the world a better place. My philosophy just happens to align very well with how a library can be used,” she added.

Receiving the award from Lt. Governor Russ Mirasty was very special for Ms. Martin. “Being able to go to Government House on the 11th was awesome! I got to relive field trip memories from Grade 5, as they had the museum open before the ceremonies took place. I had the opportunity to not only visit with individuals that I had met during my university years, and to see mentors of mine from my time at the public library, but also to meet new people in our province who value and love literacy as much as I do! I am so humbled to be recognized for bringing people together through a love of learning and books,” she said.

Acting Director of Education Vicki Moore was very pleased to hear of Ms. Martin’s achievement. “Sun West could not be happier or more proud of Victoria,” she stated, “It is always wonderful when one of our amazing colleagues is recognized for their work! Victoria’s dedication has such a positive impact on students, her colleagues at Davidson School and her fellow librarians. This is a very well-deserved honour!”