June 22, 2022

​Dinsmore Team Awarded Sportsmanship Banner

The Dinsmore Composite School Senior Mixed Curling Team has been awarded the SaskMilk Sportsmanship Banner for Curling by the Saskatchewan High School Athletic Association (SHSAA).

The Team earned this recognition because of their positive attitude, on and off the ice, at Senior Curling Provincials on March 11-12, 2022 in Fox Swift Current. SHSAA selects the Team to award this banner based on the feedback from the coaches, officials, SHSAA officials at the tournament and the tournament host committee. The Dinsmore Team’s friendly demeanor towards everyone won them all over!

Pictured above: Recipients of the Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association Sportsmanship Award Banner in Curling, the Dinsmore Composite School Senior Curling Team. (Left to right) Abigail Friesen, Tristen Flath, Spencer Flath and Ryan Kako.

On several occasions throughout the year, the Dinsmore rink were down and even faced teams that had previously defeated them but according to West Central High School Athletic Association President Lance Morrison, “[they] kept the belief in themselves [and defeated these teams] sending the Team to the Provincial Championship.”

At provincials, the Team kept smiles on their faces even as blizzard conditions attempted to sabotage the experience of the provincial championship competition. They just kept playing the game with the same attitude they had throughout the season. The team came very close to making the playoffs but although they had not won provincials they had obviously earned the respect and admiration of their fellow athletes, the coaches and officials as evidenced by the Sportsmanship Banner. “We are extremely proud of these young people and their coach Mrs. Flath on their season.” Said Mr. Morrision, “You [the Team] have set an example for everyone in our school to aspire to in the coming years as this banner will hang in the gym as a reminder to everyone of your commitment to sportsmanship.” He added.

The Team was coached by Dinsmore teacher Jodie Beattie Flath who had this to say about her athletes: The kids were very surprised and honoured to receive this sportsmanship award, the first for our school. I am so proud of how this team competed at all of their events, considering we had very little practice or opportunity to play games the past couple of seasons due to COVID. Even in a tough loss situation they continued to support each other and give it their very best effort. They are a close knit group of friends that showed humility on and off the ice. We were so thrilled to just be competing alongside such good curling teams, that the wins and losses weren’t the most important thing - we were there to have fun and do our best. As a parent-coach I am very proud of this group of kids and they are most deserving of an award like this.”

Acting Director of Education Vicki Moore stated: “We are thrilled when our students are recognized for fair play and being good sports. These are some of the most important lessons that sports can teach. We want to congratulate the students and their coach for this awesome achievement!”