January 17, 2023

Sun West Student Leaders on TikTok

The Sun West Student Leadership Program is now on TikTok. TikTok is the extremely popular social media application where users are able to produce short videos right on their mobile devices. TikTok is widely known for the humorous and dance routine videos but the range of videos available on the platform has increased as users expanded the ways the application is used.

Due to its popularity with young people, the Sun West Student Leadership Team suggested that Sun West establish a TikTok account in order to promote the Student Leadership Program to more Sun West students. The students will produce the TikTok videos themselves and plan on posting new ones every week. The Sun West Leadership account is called the Sunny Side and you can access it at @sunwestleadershipteam.

Their first two videos were posted on January 11. Each video features short humorous interviews with Team members. See the videos below: