March 7, 2023

​Dinsmore Student Finds Success in Art Contest

Harlie McNeely, a Grade 8 student at Dinsmore Composite School was recently recognized through a Student Art Contest offered by the Sun West School Division.

The contest theme was on artwork that showcased rural and prairie landscapes that common within Sun West and Harlie placed second in the Grades 7-9 category. Along with the first and second place winners in each category, Harley’s art will be put on canvas and hung at the Sun West School Division Office in Rosetown. She and the other winners will also be invited to a luncheon with the Board of Education when all the artwork is hung at the Division Office. Click here to learn the full contest results.

Harlie has always excelled in art and felt the contest was a good opportunity for her to showcase her talents and have fun while doing it. Harlie said: “I always loved drawing and would like to thank the Sun West School Division for choosing me as a runner up.”

The DCS students and staff are very proud of Harlie and wish her a hearty congratulations! Mrs. Beattie, her teacher, stated: Harlie is a very talented artist. She has a true gift!”

Below is a reproduction of Harlie’s artwork that will soon hang in the Division Office.