May 17, 2023

​Sun West Supervisor Raises Champion Dogs

Allison Bokitch is the Sun West Supervisor of Mental Health but on her own time she breeds champion pure bred Golden Retrievers as well as pure bred Holland Lop bunnies. Her dogs recently won a number of prestigious awards at the Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club All-breed Dog Show in Warman.

During the weekend of May 5-7, hundreds of dog owners, trainers and other interested people descended on the Warman Home Centre Communiplex to watch over 300 dogs participate in the annual Hub City Kennel and Obedience Club All-breed Dog Show. Among this group was Allison with five of her prize Golden Retrievers. All of Allison’s dogs did well in their respective categories but two of her dogs were particularly successful.

Britain, an eight-year old female won Best Veteran in the Sporting Group (seven to nine years old) and then went on to win Best Veteran in Show. Tulsa, her 11 month old puppy, won Best Puppy in her breed and is one point away of becoming a Canadian champion. All her dogs won in their respective Sweepstakes categories, which is an extra area where your dog can compete against all breeds in their age category.

This kind of success is nothing new for Allison who has been breeding, training and competing with her Goldens for 22 years under the registered kennel name Kenro. In that time there has been many highlights but one she remembers very fondly was having one of her dogs compete in the invitational famous Westminster (New York) Kennel Club Dog Show that was established in 1877. Allison is also very proud of her work training therapy dogs and service dogs. She also breeds pure Bred Holland Lop bunnies and used them for therapy work as well. Her dogs and bunnies have been a tremendous help to many young people and others who struggle with different forms of anxiety and trauma. She felt honoured when one of the service dogs she trained was selected for a police officer who had suffered significant PTSD. Allison has been asked on numerous occasions to bring her dogs with her to talks on mental health and trauma.

“Breeding my dogs and bunnies is a joy,” explained Allison, “it can be a lot of work but the rewards more than make up for it.”

Below Britian (left) and Tulsa (right).