February 7, 2024

Family Literacy Week a Big Success in Sun West Schools

During Family Literacy Week, January 21-27, Sun West school libraries organized many activities that students, families and the community involved in promoting literacy. The video below features pictures from Beechy School, Davidson School, Eston Composite School, Kenaston School, Kyle Composite School, Loreburn Central School, Rossville School in Coleville, and Walter Aseltine School in Rosetown and captures the fun and excitement of Family Literacy Week in Sun West.

In Beechy School, a parent/grandparent coffee house, where families and students enjoyed reading time together was held. It featured family bingo, designed to promote reading in everyday activities, encouraged families to read and write grocery lists, follow board game instructions, and explore recipes together. The Mystery Reader challenge brought community members, such as the local RCMP officer and retired fire chief, into classrooms.

Davidson School's Reading Raiders family literacy program, launched during the week. It brought together families for story time program at the school library and included a "Let's Have a Family Party!" theme, offering board games, and cupcake decorating. A Family Literacy Story Skate was also held at the local rink.

Eston Composite School held a StoryWalk featuring "The Giving Tree," and special guest readings.

Kyle Composite School students played Bookopoly and "One Book One School.”

At Loreburn Central School, a StoryWalk borrowed from Palliser Library. The incorporation of suggested activities showcased the talents of the local students.

Kenaston School also held a Storywalk with a book called “The Big Dance,” which was set up in a school hallway leading into the gym. The students were able to showcase their dance moves while following the Storywalk and at the end their was a dance party with YMCA, the Chicken Dance and the Macarena.

Rossville School in Coleville brought innovation to their literacy week with a "taste test at the Den Diner," encouraging students to explore books they might normally not read.

At Walter Aseltine School in Rosetown students dressed as their favorite book characters and had a dance party.

Family Literacy Week was big across Sun West schools thanks to the leadership of Librarians and the participation of schools, families and communities.