Child and Youth Counsellors

The Sun West Child and Youth Counsellors have recently created a strategic plan implementing their Mission, Vision and Values below:

Mission: Positive Mental Health & Well-being for all
Vision: To support positive mental health, well-being and safety for all through empowerment, education and advocacy
Values: Team-based Practice & Collaboration; Ethical Practice & Confidentiality; Compassion & Empathy; Education & Prevention and Celebrating Strengths & Diversity

Counsellors Brochure for Schools and Parents

Child and Youth Counsellors are a unique branch of Student Services. Working in conjunction with parents, teachers, and other agencies if required, they provide personalized support for students while adhering to the strictest codes of confidentiality and ethical standard. In addition to individual support, these services may include group facilitation, advocacy between parents, staff and other agencies, small and large group presentations, responding to critical incidents and working with school-based teams to provide prevention and education in order to promote positive mental health for their schools.

These professionals embody a vast array of experience and education, and as such work in collaboration with each other to offer the best practices to reach personal, social, emotional and educational success for students in Sun West.


Shelley Barton

Outlook Elementary School

Erin L. Swan

North West Central School

Shelley Eckstein

Eaton School

Amanda Merkosky

Rosetown Central High School

Stephanie Smith

Biggar Central School 2000

Shannon McJannet

Dinsmore Composite School

Sue Mills

Kenaston School

Shannon Peardon

Outlook High School

Jeannine Hallborg

Eston School

Jacqueline Pollard

Kindersley Composite School

Kristin Lefebvre

Rosetown Central High School

Kara Carlson

Walter Aseltine School

Janelle Kappeller

Beechy School

Cynthia Germaine Rosetown