The Sun West Board of Education

The members of the Sun West Board of Education. (Left to right - front) Sue Lytle (Subdivision 5), Michelle Brummond (Subdivision 1), Michele Whitfield (Subdivision 2 and Vice-Chair), Ruth Griffith (Subdivision 9), Karen Itterman (Subdivision 3). (Left to right - back) Cathy Morrow (Subdivision 7), John Collins (Subdivision 6 and Chair), Cara Nisbet (Subdivision 8), Scott Sander (Subdivision 5).

Sun West School Division is governed by a Board of Education consisting of nine elected representatives. The Board is responsible for an overall budget of nearly 70 million dollars and makes decisions based on a policy-based governance model.

Sun West 2020-2022 Educational Plan

Click here to access the most recent version of the Sun West Annual Report.

Video of 2022 Sun West Public Meeting

Video of 2018 Sun West Annual General Meeting.

Video of 2017 Sun West Annual General Meeting.

Video of 2015 Sun West Annual General Meeting.

Sun West Board of Education Brochure

2014 Sun West Comprehensive Review

Board members are elected to serve four-year terms and represent six rural sub-divisions, three urban sub-divisions (Kindersley, Outlook and Rosetown). The Board of Education meets the fourth Tuesday of every month. Meetings are normally held at the Division office at 501 First Street West in Rosetown. Meetings usually commence at 9:00 am and the public is encouraged to attend although there are currently COVID-19 restrictions on the number of people who can be present in the room where meetings take place.

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