About Sun West

Members of the Sun West Board of Education and some senior administration with the members of the Sun West Student Leadership Program

About the Sun West School Division

The Sun West School Division lies within Treaty 6 and Treaty 4 and the homeland of the Métis Nation and is located in west-central Saskatchewan. It provides Kindergarten to Grade 12 education to over 4700 students. Led by an elected Board of Education consisting of nine individuals who are deeply committed to advancing the aspirations of young people, Sun West employs a dedicated staff of approximately 1300 people on a full-time, part-time, contract and substitute basis that includes teachers, educational assistants, bus drivers as well as maintenance and student services personnel.

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Educational philosophy

Sun West is committed to an educational philosophy known as PeBL, which stands for Personalized electronically Blended Learning. Through PeBL, Sun West students get voice and choice while learning in ways that complement their strengths, challenges them, and enhances creativity, problem solving and self-awareness. Click here for more information on PeBL.

Sun West Vision Statement

Success for all

Sun West Mission Statement

Learning together

Sun West Guiding Principles

Success in Sun West School Division is achieved through commitment to these shared values:


We value individual and organizational accountability. We champion responsibility toward each other as individuals, as governing bodies, schools and communities.


We value a culture of mutual respect, trust and understanding. We champion the creation of safe, positive, caring environments.


We value cooperative and collaborative relationships which promote responsible citizenship and the appreciation of a rural culture. We strive to be approachable, active listeners who openly share information, express our ideas, and attempt to understand the ideas of others.

Life Long Learning:

We value teaching the whole child in learning environments that develop the student’s potential. We strive to provide meaningful, creative, and innovative learning opportunities.


We value responsible leadership which is committed to creating and maintaining a positive, productive and unified Division. We strive for excellence in teamwork and shared effective leadership in our Division.

Location and schools

The Sun West School Division includes 41 schools. Of these, 13 are Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, six are elementary schools, one is a middle school, three are high schools and 18 are Hutterite colony schools. The map below indicates the locations of schools that are not part of Hutterite colonies as well as the location of the division within Saskatchewan.