Personalized electronic Blended Learning (PeBL)

Sun West is committed to an educational philosophy known as PeBL, which stands for Personalized, electronically, Blended Learning. Through PeBL, Sun West students are guided towards developing skills that support their ability to have voice and choice while learning in ways that complement their strengths, challenge them and enhances creativity, problem solving and self-awareness.

The following 17 minute video explains PeBL. You can also click here to view a downloadable poster that covers the key concepts in the video.

You can view the video in shorter segments (each approximately one-four minutes) that each highlight a different aspect of PeBL. Click on the links below to view each segment.

Segment one (3:53) What is PeBL?

Segment two (2:23) Building culture, character and skills and knowledge

Segment three (2:00) Where do students learn?

Segment four (1:27) How do students learn and who do students learn from?

Segment five (1:49) What approaches are taken to meet educational outcomes and why do students learn?

Segment six (2:42) What does PeBL look like in my child’s classroom?

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