Building culture, character and knowledge

There are three core sets of activities or foundations upon which PeBL is built. These are:


When it comes to culture, the REORDER framework is the tool used to better understand how to create a school or classroom culture that compels great learning. Each school has REORDER posters hung throughout their classrooms and hallways to help both teachers and students remember the seven elements; relationships, environment, opportunities, resources, distribution of leaderships, evaluation and recognition.. Click here to view the REORDER poster.


Character has been identified as a core foundation area because of the connection to self-regulation and other skills such as grit, without which students are not in a position to be effective when having more voice and choice in their learning.

Skills and knowledge

Skills and knowledge building are the foundation of learning. Solid skills are essential to be able to acquire a solid knowledge base. It is essential to focus on both for students to achieve their greatest potential.

Skills and knowledge building is really about great teaching practices, of which we have endless examples and models already in our classrooms. We want to share all of that work among students across the whole division and ensure that everyone has access to the tools and supports required to continue growing.

As we all know, there are many factors are at play when designing a learning experience. The key to making great decisions is to reflect on the factors that influence those decisions and to be deliberate in your evaluation and application of them.