How do students learn?

How do students learn?

At Sun West, our teachers encourage students to use a wide variety of learning resources. Students are able to access an assortment of materials in both hard copy and digital formats. Demonstrations are part of teaching as are local experts and field trips.

Peers can also help their fellow students and this frequently happens in Sun West schools. It is often the case that students collect, explore and debate information with peers in really engaging ways. Students also journal and reflect on knowledge they already have, which can lead to them making new connections.

It is important to remember that technology may or may not be the best tool to use in any given situation. Students our taught to access information, how to discern its accuracy and how to explore and think critically about that information in order to arrive at a reasonable solution.

Who do students learn from?

Often-times the teacher is the best support for a student. The teacher and student will also consider if the student would benefit from face-to-face time with the teacher, either in a group or one-on-one.

Since Sun West students are given the choice to work independently or in a group they are also given the opportunity to choose the members of their group based on factors such as: similar interests and opposite or complimentary skill sets.

While teachers and their classmates remain the primary people students learn from, PeBL prompts students to consider seeking assistance or expertise beyond their teachers and their immediate circle of peers. Older students, parents and community members can provide great insight and perspective. It is important that students know how to locate and initiate a discussion with these supports and our teachers are really creative in how they encourage or activate that kind of thinking.