How does PeBL meet educational outcomes?

What approaches are taken to meet educational outcomes?

Sun West students have choices on how they will learn. For example, they can ask an open ended question and dive into the research or choose to build something as a way of learning.

Sun West teachers draw from a long list of proven strategies that help a students explore topics and ideas. This includes activities and approaches that are problem-based, inquiry-based, require design thinking and case-based learning. All these options invite student voice and choice in determining some aspects of how they learn.

Students also get voice and choice in how they demonstrate their learning. This can include exams and assignments but could also be projects or an oral component.

Why do students learn?

Encouraging students to be mindful of why they are learning helps develop a broad understanding of the connections between themselves, the content and the world. Understanding why makes the learning authentic, relevant and facilitates the internalization of the knowledge.

To help students understand why they are learning they are asked questions like: “why do you think we are learning about Confederation? Or governments? Or the human body?” This helps teach them to think critically about the impact of that particular thing on them, their families and their communities. With time, those connections will grow to be complex, inclusive and deeply integrated.