Twenty-first Century Skills

Twenty-first Century Skills are those that employers are identifying as being most essential for work now and in the future. The PeBL philosophy is designed to help students develop and utilize these skills.

Click here to read C-21 Canadian for the 21st Century’s report Shifting Minds 4.0.

Twenty-first Century Skills refer to the set of skills and knowledge that allow people to flourish and grow in work places regardless of industry, role, age, or degree of subject matter expertise. They are the interpersonal and technology skills that allow people to successfully navigate the fast-paced, interconnected and information-loaded world we live in. In Sun West, we consider the following 21st Century Skills:

1. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

2. Critical thinking

3. Collaboration

4. Communication

5. Character

6. Cultural and ethical citizenship

7. Computer and digital technologies

By providing students with the flexibility of choice and the responsibility of decision making, PeBL exposes students to opportunities to build these critical skills.

Through the PeBL philosophy, students routinely collaborate with their peers using a variety of communication tools and strategies to complete tasks efficiently. Their teammates are often of different backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives; in time, effective teams learn to not only understand and accept these differences but to capitalize on them for the best outcome for all.

Digital and technology skills are refined as students research new ideas, communicate electronically and find exciting ways to demonstrate what they have learned.