Pink Shirt Day

A 2016 (Prior to COVID-19) video of hundreds of students participating in a Pink Shirt Day flash mob at a Vancouver hockey game.

Pink Shirt Day is recognized in Canada on the last Wednesday of February every year. In 2021, Pink Shirt Day is taking place on February 24.

Hundreds of Sun West students participate in Pink Shirt Day every year by wearing a pink shirt or some other pink clothing to take a stand against bullying and show their support for being kind and inclusive.

Pink Shirt Day started in a New Brunswick school in 2007. On the first day of school a Grade 9 student wore a pink shirt and was mocked, insulted and bullied by older students for wearing the shirt.

In response to this bullying, two older students decided to show support for the Grade 9 student by purchasing a large quantity of pink t-shirts to distribute to other students in the school and by contacting other students to wear pink to school the next day. Hundreds participated and Pink Shirt Day grew to become an international movement dedicated to encouraging kindness and inclusiveness. Every year hundreds of schools around the world hold Pink Shirt Day.

Sun West encourages all students and staff to wear pink on Wednesday, February 24 and to send pictures of themselves to so your pictures can be included in a video of everyone in Sun West who wears pink.

Watch this video from the Canadian Museum of Human Rights to hear the story of how Pink Shirt Day got started.