Sun West School Division Staff

Director and Superintendents

Director of Education:
Randy Emmerson

Superintendent of Business:
Ryan Smith

Superintendent of Operations
Vicki Moore

Superintendent of Operations:
Shari Martin

Superintendent of Technology:
Darren Gasper

Superintendent of Learning
Kelli Boklaschuk

Superintendent of Student Support Services:
Carole Butcher

Supervisor of Mental Health and Consultants

Supervisor of Mental Health:
Allison Bokitch

Student Support Consultant:
Marion Elliot

Student Support Consultant:
Tammy German

Student Support Consultant:
Anne Sloboda

Assessment Consultant:
Vanessa Lewis

Learning Consultant:
Melissa Lander

Executive and Administrative Assistants

Executive Assistant:
Linda Klassen

Administrative Assistant:
Bonnie Giles

Administrative Assistant:
Andrea Dows

Administrative Assistant:
Sondra Potratz

Administrative Assistant:
Renee Jeancart

Facilities and Information Technology Departments

Facilities and Information Technology Manager:
Michael Zummack

Facilities Supervisor:
Dave Adnam

Information Technology Supervisor:
James Lowe

Transportation Department

Transportation Manager:
Rick McKeil

Transportation Supervisor:
Darcy Freistadt

Business Department

Business Manager:
Rhonda Saathoff

Business Supervisor:
Jamie Cowell

Novalee Heatherington

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Manager:
Michelle Leith

Human Resources Officer:
Janine Walker

Payroll Officer:
Trish Gray

Payroll Officer:
Mary-Ann Matro

Employee Benefits Officer:
Donna Adair

Communications Department

Distance Learning Centre Communications and Marketing Coordinator:
Ashley Persson

Sun West School Division Communications and Marketing Coordinator:
Mike Fedyk