CSLC Leadership Conference

Canadian Student Leadership Conference Student Selection Process 2021

Every year The Sun West Board of Education provides financial support towards subsidizing advisor and student fees to take part in the National Student Leadership Conference. The National Conference will be held virtually on October 21-23, 2021. This opportunity is open to students who are registered in Grades 9- 12 next school year. (This is per CSLC policy). The Board of Education is extremely supportive of leadership opportunities for all students.

To learn more about this opportunity, please investigate the CSLC 2021 Virtual Conference details at:
https://studentleadership.ca/cslc/. There will be keynotes, workshops, spirit group activities, cultural moments, community service experiences, and the opportunity to network with other young leaders from across Canada. Conference organizers are doing their best to recreate the CSLC experience in an online setting!

A selection committee has been established along with criteria and requirements. Preference may be given to those students who have never attended the CSLC event before. (If there is little interest from those who have never attended - we will look at students who have attended before.). This is not meant to discourage anyone from applying but we want to keep it equitable for all and provide those that have not had the experience the opportunity to attend this event.

If you wish to apply to be a board sponsored student delegate, please submit an application via email to linda.klassen@sunwestsd.ca March 26th, 2021 at 1:00 PM. A selection committee will let the recipients know if they are selected.

We encourage all students who are interested to apply!

  • Students must submit via email, (a minimum of 500 words) explaining the following:
  • What do your leadership efforts look like? (Describe details of significant involvements an provide examples of commitment, planning, seeing something through from the original idea to the clean-up and reflection at the end, etc. and what these involvements have meant to you.)
  • What previous experience, in a leadership capacity, do you have - either in or out of school? (Things to consider might be the number of events you participate in, the number of groups/teams you belong to, the number of times you did something that made a positive impact, etc.)
  • What will this CSLC experience mean to you? (What you hope to obtain? How do you plan to make a difference in your school or beyond as a result of your attendance at conference? How will you use what you learn and experience after the trip? How do you think this experience will benefit you and/or Sun West’s Leadership Program?)

Click here for the CSLC Sponsorship Application Form.