Past Student Leadership Conferences


On April 27, 2023, Team Sun West was excited to present the annual Sun West Student Leadership Conference with Level Up Your Leadership as the theme.

The conference provided students with opportunities to grow and enhance their leadership skills and was open to all Sun West Grades 7-12 students.

After three years, Team Sun West was thrilled to again offer a live event at Kindersley Composite School!

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Video Highlights

Keynote Speaker - Carla Cuglietta

Carla Cuglietta helps people understand that leadership is a mindset, not a status and she loves doing it!

She comes from Edmonton and is a former teacher who has earned a Masters Degree in Global Leadership. She has worked around in over 10 countries including China, India as well as countries in Africa and South America.

Carla founded and is CEO of YoungLeader.World, an organization that helps young people understand leadership and how it applies to their lives. Issues she specializes in include generational leadership, vision setting, values alignment and communications.

Get and idea of what Carla has to offer by watching the video above.

Click here to go to her website.

Other Great Speakers Included:

Corrie J

Corrie J is a Hypnotist and an all-around amazing entertainer who specializes in family-friendly extravaganzas that leave audiences laughing and wanting more. At our conference, Corrie J will be providing a Magical Musical Interaction for all participants so be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

Click here to see his website.

Lyndon Linklater

Lyndon J Linklater is a traditional knowledge keeper and storyteller. He has an educational background in Indian Social Work, Indian Studies and some law. He is a citizen of the Thunderchild First Nation (Plains Cree) in Treaty 6 and has roots in Couchiching First Nation (Fort Francis, Ontario) in Treaty 3. Presently, Lyndon shares work with the Remai Modern Art Museum in Saskatoon as their Indigenous Relations Advisor providing advice to their board and staff and delivering cultural programming.

D. Jay McGrath

D. Jay McGrath is a former WHL Hockey Player who shares his struggles with mental health and addiction. D. Jay emphasizes the importance of speaking out and letting people know if you are struggling. He explains how by keeping his feelings of depression of anxiety led him down the road to addiction but how finally opening up about these things put him on the road to recovery.


(Front: left to right) Ava Smith (Beechy), Anthony Santiago (Biggar Central School 2000), Emma Torrens (Kindersley Composite School), Macy McCullough (Kindersley Composite School), Karlee Preston Schwengler (Kindersley Composite School) (Back: left to right) Jayden St. John (Eston Composite School), Bella Baroni (Biggar Central School 2000), Farrah Low (Davidson School), Macy Norrish (Loreburn Central School), Vincent Yakimoski (Loreburn Central School), Syawlalliwi Ronquillo (Eaton School), Ainsley Beattie (Dinsmore Composite School), Josie Boisjoli (Elizabeth Middle School).

Other highlights included:

Youth Consultation Team

Mario Cart Racing


Minecraft Coding Challenge

and the Spectacular Interactive Communications Roadshow and Jamboree