Student Leadership Program

The Sun West Student Leadership Program is back in action in the 2022-23 school year and the excitement is building!


All Sun West Grades 7-12 students are invited to attend the annual Sun West Student Leadership Conference at Kindersley Composite School on Thursday, April 28. Click here for all the details.

The 2022-23 Student Leadership Program

On October 5, 47 Grades 8 to 12 students from 14 Sun West schools attended the first in-person Sun West Student Leadership Seminar in two years. They learned about the Sun West Student Leadership Program and opportunities available this year. Learn more about the Seminar.

After the seminar there was an application process and 25 students who attended the Seminar joined either Team Sun West or the Youth Consultation Team. Team Sun West is responsible for organizing the annual Sun West Student Leadership Conference and the Youth Consultation Team represents student viewpoints and ideas to the Sun West Board of Education. Team Sun West and Youth Consultation Team meetings are held monthly until May where they will plan activities and where they will receive leadership training. Look for more announcements about their activities in the coming weeks.

Youth Consultation Team

(Front: left to right) Lundyn Young (Elizabeth Middle School), Braelyn McBride (Elizabeth Middle School), Hailey Baroni (Biggar Central School 2000), Jan Nasibog (Rosetown Central High School), Darling McNeely (Dinsmore Composite School). (Back: left to right) Kameron John Baker (Eaton School), Jill Dobbin (Kindersley Composite School), Kalyse Trayhorne (Kindersley Composite School), Sierra Gardiner (Eston Composite School), Kennedy Tatomir (Eston Composite School) Jordyn Pederson (Outlook High School). Missing McKennah Baxter (Beechy School).

Team Sun West

(Front: left to right) Ava Smith (Beechy), Anthony Santiago (Biggar Central School 2000), Emma Torrens (Kindersley Composite School), Macy McCullough (Kindersley Composite School), Karlee Preston Schwengler (Kindersley Composite School) (Back: left to right) Jayden St. John (Eston Composite School), Bella Baroni (Biggar Central School 2000), Farrah Low (Davidson School), Macy Norrish (Loreburn Central School), Vincent Yakimoski (Loreburn Central School), Syawlalliwi Ronquillo (Eaton School), Ainsley Beattie (Dinsmore Composite School), Josie Boisjoli (Elizabeth Middle School).

The Sunny Side: Sun West Student Leaders in Action Podcast

Inspiring and encouraging students to join student leadership teams across Sun West, in the Sunny Side podcast, Team Sun West member Farrah Low interviews students about their leadership experiences.

Learn more about the podcast here.

Listen to the podcast here.

Sun West Leaders Share Newsletter

Every month (or so) the Sun West Student Leaders Program produces a newsletter to share great leadership ideas from across the Division. You can access the copies of the newsletter through the links below.


View current issue here.

Click on the links below to view past editions:

Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4
Issue 5, Issue 6

Previous Years

On April 8, 2022, over 500 students participated in Sun West's second virtual Student Leadership Conference. The video above was produced by members of Team Sun West, the student leadership team that organized the conference.

On April 23, 2021, over 500 students participated in Sun West's first virtual Student Leadership Conference. The video above was produced by members of Team Sun West, the student leadership team that organized the conference.

A look back at the Sun West Student Leadership Program from 2007 to 2017.

History of the Sun West Student Leadership Program

The members of the first Board/Student Consultation Group, who recommended the creation of the Sun West Student Leadership Program. Each student represented one Sun West school that had a Grades 10-12 component in 2007.

In 2006, the Sun West Board of Education discussed that it wanted to get student input into its decision-making process. To make this happen, every Student Representative Council (SRC) or similar body in each Sun West school with a Grades 10-12 component was asked to select one student to represent them on a Board/Student Consultation Group. The representatives from these schools met several times in the 2006-07 school year and held meetings in their schools and conducted a survey of Sun West students to find out what issues students wanted brought to the Board of Education.

The first meeting between the Board of Education and the student representatives took place in May 2007, with the students bringing up a number of issues that were significant at the time, including recently introduced requirements that volunteer drivers have one million dollar liability insurance and all volunteers must have criminal record checks. This led to a fruitful and respectful conversation that provided the Board with the opportunity to explain the rationale behind these measures and led to greater understanding of these issues among the students and the wider community. The Board was very happy with the dialogue with the students and wanted continue meeting with the group in future years.

At the same first meeting with the Board, the students also recommended the creation of a Student Leadership Program and a Student Leadership Conference. The Board strongly supported this recommendation and this led in the following year to the establishment of Team Sun West as a sub-group within the Student/Board Consultation Group. Team Sun West organized the first Sun West Student Leadership Conference, which was hosted by Outlook High School, in April 2008. Also in that year, some members of Team Sun West volunteered to assist at the bi-annual Sun West ROADS TO SUCCESS Career Fair. This led in 2010 (Career Fairs being held every two years) to Career Fair becoming another project that the Sun West Student Leadership Program was heavily involved in.

There have been changes to the program over the last number of years, but since it's beginnings and continuing to this day, the Sun West Student Leadership Program has been strongly supported by the Board of Education. It provides excellent opportunities for students to both enhance their own leadership skills and make a difference within their school division and their communities.