Aarika Haque, Grade 11, Elrose Composite School, Team Sun West member

I am a born leader. I never follow the crowd, even when all my friends dd. I am always a kind person who loves to learn, help others and find my own path.

I was the child that never had a favourite class and always loved trying new things. I have many hobbies that range from sports, like volleyball to expressing my creativity through painting and drawing.

I joined Team Sun West because I believe the purpose of student leadership is for students to have a voice and to guide others to find their voices. Student leadership is about having a say in our education system, not just in our communities, but everywhere. It is a way for the adults in charge of our education to learn our needs and know what is best for everyone. It allows us to gain potential, make an impact on future generations and pave our paths to adulthood.

Leadership not only builds confidence in young people but gives us evidence that shows we can make a difference and have the power to change the world for the better!