Anika German, Grade 10, Kindersley Composite School,

I am a Grade 10 student in Kindersley, Saskatchewan. I was first introduced into leadership when I was in Grade 4! I had always admired the older leaders on our team but I never thought one day I would be an influence on them.

Over the last couple years I have been lucky enough to work alongside some fantastic leaders and plan events and projects. We planned a “Give Back Dodgeball Game,” where students brought a warm winter item to play. Then we donated all of these items to the Lighthouse in Battleford. Some of our other events I have been a part of included Cancer Week, Bounce Back Week, Mental Health Workshops, food drives and toy drives.

Besides Student Leadership Council (SLC), I am also involved in other clubs and I have many different hobbies and skills to keep me busy. At school I am involved in Interact Club, Volleyball, Badminton, Golf, and Track and Field. In my spare time I enjoy playing musical instruments like the cello, saxophone, flute, piano. I also take voice lessons and was chosen to go to provincials last year. During the summer, I help my mom with her cut flower and bouquet business. I also enjoy helping out on the family farm!