Cassidy Maffenbeier, Westcliffe Composite School, Grade 12

I first started my leadership journey at the age of twelve through the Saskatchewan Country Music Association, with small jobs like public speaking and association promotion and marketing. Since then I have had various leadership opportunities that have let me expand and refine my leadership skillset. Through Saskatchewan High School Rodeo Association (SHSRA), the Border Country Multiple 4H Club, the Saskatchewan Country Music Association (SCMA), Saskatchewan Music, and our school’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) I have held various leadership positions such as president, vice president, secretary, reporter (marketing) and spokesperson. Outside of student leadership, you can find me partaking in my hobbies, or hanging out with my many animals!

We have over 20 horses and five ponies on our ranch (not including year-round client horses), with my two horses being Mr. Kool and Newt, and my current training pony, Moony. We have two dogs, Rip and Boone, and way too many barn cats. The horses, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, ponies, cows and steers keep me busy year-round! Through the SHSRA, I compete in breakaway roping, team roping, goat tying, barrel racing and pole bending. I work full time as a horse trainer year-round.

Another hobby of mine is music, through which I became passionate about singing and songwriting. I enjoy playing various instruments.

I became involved in student leadership because I am passionate about it. Students deserve to have voice and choice in their entire school experience. I think that as student leaders, we have the privilege to speak up for those who are scared to share their voice, make sure everyone is heard and work hard to make Sun West students’ school experiences are the best as possible. To date I have been on each of the Sun West leadership teams and they have by far been the best leadership experiences of my life. I really love how leadership recognizes a group's strengths and weaknesses in a healthy and positive way and ensures that each person gets to use their strengths to the team’s benefit.