I’m Cheyenne Jans and I attend Elrose Composite School and am currently in Grade 10. I am an only child and I live outside of Elrose on an acreage. We have three inside cats, Topper, Mud Puddle and Bear and have a few outside cats. I also have a dog named Bodacious and a horse named Churro. Along with that my family owns some cattle that we keep at my grandma’s farm.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are hanging out with my friends when I can, reading, playing with my animals and I am currently watching Grey’s Anatomy. I started to get involved with leadership when I was in Grade 7 when I went to the Student Leadership Conference (SLC) in Kindersley. Then I joined my school’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) and am currently still on it. This is my third year being a part of the Sun West Leadership Program. I have been on both Team Sun West and the Career Fair Team.

I wanted to be involved with leadership because I think that it is very important everybody is given the chance to be heard and voice their opinions and thoughts. Leadership can also work on helping people with everyday skills like communication and it is an excellent way to step outside of your comfort zone and make new friends.