Hi, my name is Emma Torrens and I am in Grade 8 at Elizabeth Middle School in Kindersley. I have two dogs, Simba and Luna; and two cats, Tabby and Moose; and three sisters.

I love playing sports such as, hockey, softball and all school sports. I really enjoy cross-country skiing. One of my favourite things to do is helping on my family farm and just being outside in general. We have a herd of about 130 cattle, two horses and lots of chickens to. I go hiking every summer and it is one of the highlights of the break.

I have been in our schools Student Leadership Council (SLC) for about four years now and it always brings me joy to plan fun schoolwide activities. Being on team Sun West is very beneficial to me because I can learn so many more leadership and teamwork skills and I can bring these skills back to my school SLC committee. I also enjoy meeting new people, who have different skill sets, so, we can learn from each other.