Maryssa Chester, 14 years old, Grade 9, North West Central School

I have lived in Plenty Saskatchewan my entire life. I have three siblings and I live with them and my parents. I have never traveled outside of the country.

I work hard as a babysitter and a student. I work at the library in town as a maintainer for the basement and the outside surroundings.

My hobbies are quadding, reading, writing and baking. I am in volleyball, basketball and I had just finished three years in karate. I spend most of my time studying or reading.

I want to help others get their voices and opinions out to the world. My peers and family describe me as supportive, quiet, strong-willed, protective and caring. I work hard to become the best person I can be.


I suffer from ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia. I am trying to overcome my anxiety by being more involved and trying to become more present in my school system and community. I am trying to work on public speaking and presenting. I want to become a therapist for youth and children. I am working towards earning a scholarship for the colleges I wish to attend.