Mckayla Hanke, Grade 10,
Beechy School

I am a Grade 10 student at Beechy School. I live on a farm just outside of Beechy, where we have many animals around the farm. These include, cats, dogs, cows, horses and a donkey.

I am an active member in our schools Student Representative Council (SRC) program. I contribute many ideas and come up with new activities for the school.

I enjoy horse riding, volleyball and dancing. I also am very passionate for photography and High School Rodeo. I got involved with leadership in Grade 7 when I joined SRC. It was a very good experience for me to learn and grow my ideas for our school. I soon got introduced to the Sun West leadership opportunity. I became a member of the Student Tutor (Bullis) Team. This is now my second year in the Sun West program and I am on the Youth Consultation Team this year.