Trey Runzer, Grade 8,
Elizabeth Middle School

Hello, my name is Trey I live in Kindersley. I enjoy working on anything that has moving parts and that runs. I also like playing many sports like baseball, golf, hockey, curling, skiing, and basketball.

In our family we have five people. I have two brothers; one older and one younger than me. Our family goes camping every summer to many different places. We all like to see all different areas in Saskatchewan.

One of my most favorite things to do Is to fiddle with our 3D printer, I really like to be able to design and 3D print whatever I want.

Besides that, this is my first year on Team Sun West and I am excited to see how the conference goes! I really like being on Team Sun West because I learn to be a person that help and enjoys helping or even just doing something that makes somone's day.