West Central Industry Education Council

The video above spotlights various careers that are available through the Western Sales John Deere Dealership in Rosetown, Saskatchewan (38 minutes).

The West Central Industry Education Council (WCIEC) was established in January 2020 and is a partnership between Sun West and rural businesses and other employers. The WCIEC is affiliated with the Regina District Industry Education Council (RDIEC). Industry Education Councils in the South East Cornerstone and Prairie South School Divisions are similarly affiliated with the RDIEC.

The purpose of the WCIEC is to provide opportunities of mutual benefit to students, schools and employers. Typically these opportunities would take the form of activities and events such as workplace visitations, career fairs and workshops, postsecondary visitations, training and temporary employment. Students benefit from such opportunities as it helps them identify career options and understand what particular careers entail. Sometimes it can even lead to a job! Employers benefit from such activities because it helps them attract and recruit students and can even help with temporary labour shortages.

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced WCIEC's ability to host in-person, hands-on events so it has been working in cooperation with the RDIEC to produce a series of Career Spotlights videos. These videos that are hosted on the RDIEC YouTube page and each features a focus on the career of a particular person. Each video discusses the type of training and work involved in their occupation as well as their personal career journey. WCIEC videos have focused on a number of former Sun West students and with the RDIEC videos there are over one hundred posted on the RDIEC YouTube page. These videos provide an excellent introduction to a wide range of occupations and feature people from all across Canada and beyond.

WCIEC plans on expanding its offerings as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides but in the interim Career Spotlights are very useful resource for students looking for ideas and information about their career options.

Click here to view the entire RDIEC YouTube page.

Below are the WCIEC Career Spotlights.

Environment & Sustainability (37 minutes)

Librarian & Archivist (30 minutes)

K-12 School teacher (47 minutes)

E-Commerce Entrepreneur (41 minutes)

Chemical Engineer (39 minutes)

Animation Director (38 minutes)

Quality Manager - Labatt's (26 min.)

Aquatic Science Technician (54 Minutes)

Inner Compass Books and Academy (60 min.)

Beagle Productions - Marketing (44 minutes)

Clinical Pharmacist (37 minutes)

Anesthesiologist (64 minutes)

Elementary Phys-Ed Teacher (47 min.)

Middle Years Teacher (55 minutes)

Assistant Registrar - University of Lethbridge (43 min.)

Irrigation Technologist - SK Agriculture (23 minutes)

Production System Specialist - John Deere (32 min.)

Major Gifts Manager - Jim Pattison Hospital (29 min.)

Dance Instructor/Studio Owner (41 minutes)

Interior Designer (29 minutes)

Draftsperson/3D Designer (35 minutes)

Hunting and Fishing Guide (42 minutes)

Fire Investigator - City of Saskatoon (43 mins)

High school Math teacher (54 minutes)

Elementary Phys-Ed teacher (47 mins)

Midstream Process Operator (25 minutes)

Helicopter pilot - STARS Air Ambulance (52 mins)

Occupational Therapist - Alberta Health (41 min.)